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SHSAT Prep Class

In preparation for the SHSAT, students have the option to participate in in-person classes or online courses. Both formats are designed with a structured approach to cover all the necessary material and provide ample practice opportunities.

Preparing for the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a critical step for students aiming to enter one of New York City’s prestigious specialized high schools. The competition is fierce, and the right preparation can make a significant difference in a student’s performance. As a seasoned educator with experience in SHSAT prep, I understand the importance of a structured prep class that offers a comprehensive approach to mastering the exam.

SHSAT prep classes provide the necessary skill set through various strategies, including skill-building exercises, practice tests, and group sessions. A solid prep class equips students with techniques to tackle the two main sections of the SHSAT: the English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics. From the fundamental principles to complex problems, students engage with the material through a curriculum tailored to the SHSAT’s unique format. With options ranging from in-person group sessions to private tutelage and online courses, students have the flexibility to choose a prep style that aligns with their learning preferences.

I prioritize giving my students access to five full-length practice tests and daily exercises that simulate test day conditions. Moreover, effective SHSAT classes go beyond standard test prep; they foster analytical thinking and problem-solving skills that serve students well beyond a single exam.


Staten Island SHSAT Prep Class Options

In-Person SHSAT Prep Class

In-person SHSAT prep classes offer a hands-on learning experience. We limit our in-person class sizes to ensure a focused study environment. My classes typically break down the verbal and math sections of the SHSAT into manageable lessons. Students receive personalized attention, working through problems that target specific areas of the SHSAT. Scheduled practice tests are also an integral part of my curriculum, mimicking the actual test-taking environment to build confidence.

Online SHSAT Prep Class

For students who prefer a flexible schedule or cannot attend in-person sessions, online SHSAT prep classes are a practical alternative. Our online courses feature interactive lessons tailored to master test-taking strategies. As part of my online service offerings, students can take diagnostic tests, followed by targeted lessons and practice problems. Progress is tracked across various SHSAT topics, ensuring that students stay well-informed about their mastery of the material over time.

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What’s Included In The SHSAT Prep Class?

5 Full-Length, Realistic Practice Tests​

The SHSAT prep class includes five full-length practice tests that replicate the real SHSAT in format and difficulty. This provides me with the opportunity to practice under test-like conditions, helping me to manage my time effectively and become familiar with the test’s structure.

SHSAT Instruction

The class provides detailed SHSAT instruction where all sections of the test are covered in depth. This includes critical reading, mathematics, and test-taking strategies. The instruction is structured to help me understand the core concepts that will be tested and to apply this knowledge effectively.​

SHSAT Prep Binder

Every student receives a comprehensive SHSAT prep binder containing a collection of lessons and practice materials. The binder is organized to systematically guide me through the content of the SHSAT, ensuring I have ample practice in each test area. The materials are designed to hone my skills through practice problems and strategy tips for both the summer, fall, winter, and spring test dates.

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What’s On The SHSAT?

I’ve broken down the SHSAT into its core components, focusing on distinct subjects that require specific preparation strategies.

Revising & Editing

In the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the SHSAT, I’ll encounter Revising & Editing tasks. These assess my ability to correct grammar and usage errors. It’s crucial I understand rules of standard English conventions to excel in this part.

Reading Comprehension

For Reading Comprehension in the SHSAT, I’ll be given passages followed by questions that test my understanding. I need to interpret meaning, analyze text, and deduce conclusions. Practicing reading strategies, like annotating text and identifying main ideas, is essential for this section.


The Math section of the SHSAT will evaluate my knowledge in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistical concepts. I must be adept at solving problems related to mean, mode, and range. Mastery of math questions requires proficiency with formulas and the ability to apply mathematical reasoning.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I aim to address common inquiries regarding SHSAT preparation to equip students with practical advice and resources.

What are the most effective strategies for SHSAT preparation?

I believe that a structured study plan, regular practice tests, and focused review of question types are among the most effective strategies.

Which subjects are covered in the SHSAT, and how can I study for them?

The SHSAT covers English Language Arts and Mathematics. I study ELA by practicing reading comprehension and editing skills, and for Math, I work on algebra, geometry, and word problems.

What are the best resources for practicing SHSAT test questions?

I recommend using official practice tests, SHSAT prep books, and reliable online platforms like ArgoPrep or Kaplan Test Prep for authentic SHSAT question practice.

How early should a student begin preparing for the SHSAT to achieve optimal results?

I advise beginning preparation at least six months in advance, allowing sufficient time for thorough review and practice.

What are the top recommended SHSAT prep books for students?

Top recommended prep books I use include the ‘SHSAT Prep by ArgoPrep’ and ‘Barron’s SHSAT,’ which provide a comprehensive review and practice questions.

What can a student do in the final week leading up to the SHSAT to ensure readiness?

I spend the final week reviewing key concepts, practicing time management strategies, and ensuring sufficient rest the night before the exam.